Region: Nariño 

Variety: Caturra

Altitude: 1200 - 1800 MASL

Process: Honey

Taste Notes: Lemon, Marsepan, Panela, Strawberry

Dos Fincas - Colombia

  • In the south of Colombia lies a remote region called Nariño. This coffee “Dos Fincas” is spanish for Two Farms. Two farms is exactly what this coffee is. One farm, El Cruciero, is run by Mery Garcia, the other La Estancia is run by Benjamin Dennis Ceron Bonita. Due to the remote region exporting coffee from Nariño poses logistical challenges, especially with lower volume and more technical processing of specialty grade coffees. Two coffees were deemed similar in flavor, region and quality by the european importer Coffee Quest, therefore they made the decision to combine the two coffees. Both farms are winners of different competitions on “best specialty coffee in Nariño”.


    This is a very sweet, juicy, rich, and full bodied coffee. The way it is roasted makes it suitable for both filter and espresso coffee. As a roastery we are proud and excited to offer this coffee not only for its tasty complex flavor, but also for the fact it comes from a remote part of the country.

    Please enjoy it as much as we do!