Region: Cerrado Minero

Variety: Arara

Altitude: 950 - 1050 MASL

Process: Natural

Taste Notes: Grapefruit, Stone fruit, Juicy, Dark chocolate

Quintas de Guimarães Micro Lot - Brazil

  • Brazilian coffee might be specialty coffee’s most underrated region. Because of the high saturation of Brazilan coffees (Brazil produces more than 60% of coffee in the world) and lower altitudes, Brazilian coffees can be bland, boring and out of the spotlight. After receiving many different samples from a bunch of different suppliers, we came across this coffee and immediately loved it.


    This coffee comes from a farm called Fazenda Quintas dos Guimarães in the region of Cerrado Minero. This is a family owned farm that has only been growing coffee since 2010. But has been growing other crops in the area for generations.

    Their skills and resources in farming has enabled them to produce very delicious and high grade coffees. If you enjoy a sweet, sugary, delicate are some of the qualities of this coffee.

    We hope this coffee finds you at the right place and the right time, as it did with us.